Vote Now! CIL ASSP 2021-2022 Election Notice!!

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The Chapter nominating committee has presented the following slate of candidates for our 2021-2022 chapter year elections.  As required in our bylaws, this slate of candidates was published 30 days prior to the election dates – Today October 5, 2021.  No petitions for additional nominations were received as required, 15 days prior to the election.  The election is by electronic ballot at the following link:  https://poll.fm/10916251 

The election will remain open until 12:59pm October 22, 2021 and the results will be distributed shortly after that.  Each member is entitled to one vote and it is very important that each member makes an effort to vote!   

Slate of officers as presented by the chapter nominating committee:

Any open or vacant positions will be filled according to the chapter bylaws. 

Vicki Christy – President

Open – President Elect

Christi Brion – Secretary

Chris Greishaber – Treasurer

Student Affairs – Chris Grieshaber

Members at Large – Patrick Costello, Jim McNiff, Stig Ruxlow

Delegate – Don Cooper  

Vote now at this link:Click Here to Vote!

Copy and paste this link into your browser if the button link above does not work……https://poll.fm/10916251  

Please submit any questions or concerns through the contact us page on cil.assp.org.  The chapter needs our members to be active and engaged.  Being a part of the chapter leadership is a great way to serve the chapter while developing and putting leadership skills into action.