Safety Technician II – Illinois 7/15/22


Job Code: L06P201N

Under the direction of the Health and Safety Manager, the Safety Technician has the responsibility of ensuring the overall safe operation of assigned site locations. The Safety Technician does so by conducting inspections of work areas and equipment to ensure compliance with company, state, local and federal safety policies and regulations, and by prohibiting work or other conditions at site locations that in the Safety Inspections judgment present a danger to persons or property.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Perform detailed Jobsite Safety Inspections in accordance with SBA policies and procedures or as directed by the client to ensure that site locations are in compliance with pertinent regulations and industry standards.
• Identify and document inspection findings with the discretion and authority to shut down job sites upon identification of safety violation(s) or other material issues that may threaten life or property.
• Submit inspection findings and report safety issues and concerns to pertinent parties and provide recommended courses of action required for the correction of violations to maintain and enforce all SBA, OSHA, and industry practices and procedures.
• Exercise independent judgement to ensure that deficiencies are corrected by reinforcing with new equipment, conducting hands on or practical training, or other applicable corrective actions as determined to be needed.
• Conduct applicable training as required by inspection deficiencies.
• Conduct Tower U training for internal crews.
• Conduct vehicle inspections and report deficiencies to Fleet Manager.
• Initiate accident investigations and report all fact findings to the Insurance Administrator:
o Gather all witness statements.
o Photograph all areas.
o Preserve equipment.
o Identify, analyze and determine root cause.
o Authorize job site shut down or work stoppage as determined necessary in the judgement of the Safety Technician.
• Contribute knowledge and experience to the development of future guidelines and inspection procedures.
• Other projects and duties as assigned.